KSVS Summer Intensive Blog: #2



I was so excited about taking the Kim Stern Summer Intensive and packing a year’s worth of voice lessons into one summer!  “Imagine the progress I’ll make.”  “My voice will be in the best shape of it’s life.”  “I’ll develop so many great habits!”  “They’ll beg me to be the first female Hamilton!”

And then I get sick the first day – really, really sick.  And I stay sick for 3 weeks.  And now the thoughts go something like this, “The whole summer is ruined”, “My voice will never go back to normal,” “Is this a sign I should quit singing?”

But the truth of the matter is that mastering anything is a marathon and not a sprint.  Set backs are inevitable.  And there’s usually a silver lining if you look for it.

So as I lie in bed with a barely there voice, I looked for music I might want to sing.  Now when does a person ever have the luxury of spending hours looking through sheet music.  #glasshalffull

~ Kimberly Y.


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