KSVS Summer Intensive Blog: #6



I have the best intentions in the world.  I try to work out regularly.  I try to vocalize daily.  I try to stretch regularly.  I try to do a relaxation exercise two times a week.  I really try to keep myself in performance shape.  But sometimes I skip a day or a month.  It’s not because I’m lazy.  It’s because I get frustrated when I don’t seem to be making progress or I get tired of re-creating the wheel. Or sometimes, for example, I’m really good about relaxing but can’t fit in vocalizing or stretching.  THEN IN WALTZES THE BROADWAY WARMUP.  It’s like the waters parted and I could see the path to my promised land.

As a bonus, Kim gave all her intensive clients a 30 day pass to the Broadway Warmup which is a regimented, systematic, detailed, physical and vocal warmup.  The series begins with an instructional video where you learn every component of the workout step by step.  You learn the physical movement, then the vocalizations, then you put them together.  The warmup itself takes a little time to master, but that’s part of it’s beauty.  It’s so efficient and thorough that there’s no dead space or wasted time.  Plus doing a very physical vocal warm up is so much more effective then standing with your arms by your side starting blankly into space while running through arpeggios .  All the physical movement grounds and frees my voice.  I’m spending so much energy trying to get my form correct on my upward dog that I somehow let go of my vocal ticks and bad habits.  It’s crazy the sound that easily flows out of me.  And the warm up itself is complicated enough to do everyday without losing interest.  And it’s simple enough to do every day without getting frustrated.  And I can spend my mental bandwidth on my technique instead of always thinking, “which exercise should I do next”.

This one’s a game changer.

~ Kimberly Y.


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