KSVS Summer Intensive Blog: #12



Change takes change.  This may sound obvious to you, but it’s new news to me.  Kim asks me to do new things and then I wonder why if feels different, or why it feels uncomfortable or why it’s difficult.  If I want my voice to change, I can’t keep doing things the same way.  There is a shifting that must take place.  And sometimes it feels like learning to walk again.  Let’s say I’ve been walking with a limp for years, but at least I’ve been getting places on time.  Learning how to walk without the limp slows me down and is frustrating and sometimes I just want to go back to my comfortable, reliable limp.  But for so long, I’ve dreamt of walking down the street straight and tall with an even gate.  So why the resistance?

I’ve driven the walking analogy into the ground, so let’s talk about singing.  I have resistance to letting go of controlling the sound.  Kim gently points it out and I notice it too.  Acknowledgment is the fist step.  Volition alone can’t always solve a problem.  I don’t want to resist, but I do.  So we start by acknowledging it, then I try to surrender in baby steps.  It takes patience and grace and discipline.  A supportive coach doesn’t hurt either!

~ Kimberly Y.

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