KSVS Summer Intensive Blog: #13



There are so many things to think about.  “Is my breath low, is my breath stacked, am I breathing at all, are my shoulders relaxed, how about my knees, is my jaw dropped, what’s happening with my diaphragm, how about my diphthongs, and my “r’s”, what’s the melody again, should the sound be forward here, am I invested in the acting of this song?

Sometimes it seems that it will never come together.  But I just try to do the work.  And I try to do it every day.  Then I have a lesson like today where everything seems off.  And yet there is progress.  Sounds are fuller and richer and easier and I can’t even trace how exactly.  My instrument is changing.  It’s growing.  That’s the principle of sowing and reaping.  It’s not all work, there is a harvest and it’s delicious!

~ Kimberly Y.

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