KSVS Summer Intensive Blog: #15



My family is from Houston, Texas (hurray, H-Town!).  And every summer I vacation with them on the beach.  This summer this has affected my singing in two ways.  A)  I drop right  back into that Houston accent (which I find endearing, but must admit there are some funky vowels and a lot of really flat nasal sounds going on).  B) I adopt my family’s way of communicating – with a lot of spirit and verve and interruptions and VOLUME.  (We have no excuse –  we’re not even Jewish OR Italian).

I steal away for an hour every day to meet with Kim for a vocal lesson over Skype (nope, you don’t have to be in New York to coach with Kim).  Although I’m often still in a swim suit and covered with sand, I’m ready to work.  We usually get interrupted at least twice in spite of my announcement, “OK, guys I need the upstairs bedroom at the end of the hall from 1-2pm.”

Kim is so very patient and also so observant.  “You have a lot of extra jaw tension today.  Let’s work on letting go of that.”  “You can open your mouth more.”  “You can keep the sound closer to yourself.”  This is the great advantage of studying with someone all the time – they can catch your issues before they become set-in-stone habits.

~ Kimberly Y.



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