KSVS Summer Intensive Blog: #17



Kim teaches practical technique, but she also encourages something deeper.  She’s about the business of mining free communicative expression using the human voice.  That’s much trickier than just saying, “lift your soft palette”.  But this week, everything she’s been teaching me clicked in.

I’m still at the beach – which is my favorite place on the planet.  And Kim suggested I look at a song from The Sound of Music.  The last time I thought about that show I was playing Liesl and boy it was fun.  Plus I got my equity card on that show.

Yesterday I was in the ocean just before dark.  All other swimmers had presumably gone in for dinner and I started humming, then full on singing the title number from The Sound of Music.  I sang the verses in no particular order with no particular obligation to the storytelling or even the exact melody.  I sang it just for the joy of it.  I sang because I was in my favorite ocean at my favorite time of day.  I sang remembering a full and exciting time in my life.  And I found my sound.  Or should I say, I remembered it.  It was easy and full and expressive.  It was the sound Kim is expertly working to uncover.

On a totally irrelevant note, here’s an amusing conversation that happened between my nieces.

Madeleine: Berly (that’s what they call me), can you do a british accent?

Morgan (older, bossy sister):  Of course she can Madeleine.  She was in The Sound of Musical.

Chloe (third, brainy sister):  There is so much wrong with that sentence.

~ Kimberly Y.

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