CGF“Kim Stern Vocal Studio has been a tremendous resource for our clients. Both in their long term development, but also coaching for specific auditions and call backs. With a goal oriented approach, in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, Kim Stern has become a go to referral for our clients.” —Christopher Freer (Carlton, Goddard and Freer Talent)

tovahgreen“I listened to your lessons, of course. Thank you for keeping me easy and in shape. You did a MAGNIFICENT job!” —Tovah Feldshuh (Broadway’s “PIPPIN”, “GOLDA’S BALCONY”, “IRENA’S VOW”, “SARAVA”, “YENTL”…)


shapeimage_3“Having an hour to spend with Kim Stern is a mecca for a safe, supportive environment which allows me to explore, take risks, and grow. After a session, I always feel my vocal technique has been improved, and am secure in knowing that I have found my specific acting choices for the material.”                                                                                -Pamela Bob (A GENTLEMAN’S  GUIDE…(B’way), SILENCE! THE MUSICAL(Off- Broadway))

DSCF4891_small.jpg.644x600_q100“Kim’s holistic approach to the voice and the singer are not mutually exclusive.  In Kim’s studio they are healthfully one in the same.  Not only did I learn how to be a better singer but Kim’s gentle approach has guided me toward a better understanding of myself as an artist.  She can pinpoint (through a series of exercises) where you may holding resistance, tension and creating manipulation that restricts the natural freedom of the voice.  I was astounded at her mastery of recognizing trouble spots in such a brief amount of time.  Truly, an indelible experience and an extraordinary teacher!”                                                        -Bart Shatto (Broadway’s “LES MISERABLES”, “HANDS ON A HARD BODY”,  “DRACULA”, “TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA” )

Mark Price“I have a better understanding of what happens for me specifically when I am singing and have the knowledge and tools to counterbalance any bad habits. I have tapped into a part of my voice I never thought I would have control over.You have the rare ability to combine passion with technique. I can always tell the effects of a good teacher or class when it makes me excited to do my best. I feel safe to explore the voice technically and emotionally in my lessons. If things are tight and not working, you have had me lay on the floor and breathe first to re-connect to breath before making sound. Also physicalizing any emotional blocks while singing. Many a beautiful dance was created while reaching those high notes with ease!” —Mark Price, (Broadway’s “MARY POPPINS”, “ALL SHOOK UP”, “WONDERFUL TOWN”, “MAMMA MIA!…)

NicolePalomaSarro_Headshot“I started working with Kim after coming off of a national tour and needed to freshen up my technique.  From my first visit to Kim’s studio, I felt completely at ease and excited about singing again.  She helped me to release tension in my body and to get reconnected with my breath.  In addition to the technical elements, Kim has also helped coach my audition, callback and even cabaret material.”      —Nicole Sarro ( IN THE HEIGHTS, Nat’l Tour)

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 12.13.40 PM“My first lesson with Kim was so telling of the journey that she was willing to take with me to get to a confident place in my voice. Every lesson I have had was a step closer to the singer she saw in me. I have a ways to go, but am confident I will get there under her teaching and advice. She has gems and I am so grateful that she is willing to share! I owe my current successes in call backs for singing and booking Memphis 2nd National Tour and Lion King Australia to her! Cheers to a great teacher!” —Anica Scott-Garrell (LION KING, Australia)

VP-Boyle-headshot“I love the students that come out of Kim’s studio because they sound spectacular and they sound like themselves. Her passion and commitment is apparent and we’re lucky to have her spreading her gifts to the professional theatre community. Study with her and you’ll be one of the lucky ones.” —VP Boyle (Broadway Audition Coach, COO Relativity University)

1656420_488267407944823_862669968_n“You got me to belt an E!!! Because of that I got Hairspray. I am forever indebted to you! You put in a good word and basically got me an agent. You have also helped me find confidence in the parts of my voice that are a bit rusty.”                                                                          -Gretchen Bieber (HAIRSPRAY, Broadway)


legit“I cannot say enough great things about Kim Stern.  Studying with her has opened up my voice, broadened my range and, most importantly, helped me to get out of my own way!  Kim has such a wonderful way of knowing how to work with each student’s voice and individual needs and goals; I’ve never felt more comfortable with a voice teacher.  I feel so lucky to have found her!” —Anette Michelle Sanders ( MAMMA MIA!, Nat’l Tour)

62549“When I first started working with Kim, I was performing on Broadway. With the routine of singing the same score every night, I wanted to make sure that I was not only maintaining good vocal health but also growing my range and repertoire. I can honestly say due to Kim’s approach to technique, style and performance, all goals were met. In fact, by the time the show closed my voice and my book were stronger, more versatile and I was prepared to go after the next job.  I highly recommend Kim Stern for all levels of experience. When attending an audition, there’s nothing better than feeling absolutely prepared. An hour with Kim Stern and you know what you’re doing.” —Nicole Powell (HAIRSPRAY (Bway), RAGTIME (Bway revival), SISTAS: THE MUSICAL (Off-Bway))

Steven001“Her method of breaking down the acting of a song is the building block of getting cast. She finds a way for you to act to the end of every note.” —Steven Stafford, (SPAMALOT, Las Vegas Company, METHTACULAR!)


iconsquaremelandelshow“Usually, when finding a voice teacher, you have to search around to find the person whose hard-set teaching style might work well with you. With Kim, it’s the other way around. In every lesson, she is present and focused on where you are ‘today’ and will bring whatever exercises/insights are necessary into the room to move you forward.” —Melanie Kinard,  (MEL & EL, ANNIE, Nat’l Tour)

Lori-Holmes“Kim Stern is an absolute treasure. Her relaxed style of communication, humor and incredible arsenal of excercises combine to create the ultimate in vocal instruction.” —Lori Holmes (WICKED,(Nat’l Tour), TABOO! (B’way), FOOTLOOSE (B’way))


OronStenesh.jpg.300x340_q100“Friends and colleagues have noted a big difference in the quality of my singing voice since I’ve started with Kim. Additionally, the vocal work we accomplish in a lesson transfers into clarity and focus both professionally and personally in the interim between lessons. Working with Kim is always a highlight of my week.” —Oron Stenesh (Cabaret Artist)

Permission to print, but not for sale“Kim Stern is a genius about picking appropriate material for my type and will even rewrite interesting arrangements when we find a good cut of a song. She also coaches me on how to sing my best while making strong acting choices. She’s a high-quality, full-service, one-stop shop.” —Dawn Trautman (Happy Days: The Musical, The Full Monty)

images“Kim is not only a fantastic technique teacher and coach, she is also one of those special teachers who truly cares about her students and where their careers are headed. Kim has definitely made me a better technical singer and has always made sure that any audition material that I bring to her is worked enough to give me complete confidence in the audition room. Training with Kim has always played a big part in making my auditions and performances successful—she rocks!” —Alyssa Malgeri (HAIRSPRAY, Nat’l Tour)

“Superior.” —Michael Baker (Actor)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA




107“When I started with Kim I was using the same material in auditions all the time and I had lost the excitement that I first had when I started out in New York City. I have had three other vocal teachers since I have been in NYC, but none of them helped me progress as much as Kim. She put a fire under my butt, a passion into my career that I had lost. She always picks the right music for me while expanding my range and helping me be more daring with my choices in auditions. I have been with Kim for about 4 months and I get more call backs, have more confidence and have a better audition book. I have no idea how I got along without her before.” —Kelly Dynan (Actor)

8d4efa341beca3e405f256da81e6ee75“Kim is a wonderful voice teacher. She is encouraging and observant and fun to work with. Singing scares me but Kim made it a positive, exciting experience. She’s kind and really knows how to get through to me. Kim’s own amazing voice is encouraging as well, she is not only a talented teacher but a very talented singer.”           —Brielle Silvestri (Actor)

“Kim Stern is the reason I am able to perform. Without her help, I’d still be playing in a small room by myself for the 3 people I know. With her, I’m learning to go from gig to concert.” —Aubrey Hart (Recording Artist)